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Stay dry

Stay dry

Thousands of Bermudians seem to instinctively know when the rain is coming. They ride to work without getting wet. They magically stay dry on stormy days. They seem to smell the rain! How do they do it?

It’s not old Bermuda sailor’s lore. They have Bermuda Radar on their phones and they can see the rain coming using up to the minute updates. With Bermuda radar you can easily judge how long it will be before the rain comes, and when it will end. You also get all the current conditions and you can see what happened in the last 48 hours.

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Bermuda radar also provides Bermuda public and marine forecasts for the next few days, tides, sea-surface temperature, times for sunrise and sunset, and the phase of the moon.

In fact Bermuda Radar has everything you could want to know about Bermuda’s current weather conditions.

Weather data is provided by the Bermuda Weather Service.

See the whole picture

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Bermuda radar is currently only available for iOS.

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